Dockerized BuildKit for AOSC OS
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Unofficial AOSC Dockerized Buildkit

This project is mainly for myself.

If you are looking for a dockerized development environment, please try LER0ever/EvDev


  • Minimal EverVim
  • AOSC.vim plugin
    • Autobuild / ABBS configuration syntax highlighting
    • Code snippets for common packaging tasks
    • Fugitive, git operation inside vim
  • Preconfigured zsh and tmux

Docker Hub

This docker image is automatically built every night using Travis CI and cron job.


  • Copy the aosc-dbk script to /usr/local/bin
  • Navigate into an abbs tree
  • aosc-dbk


If you want to use this project as your packaging environment for whatever reason (which is highly unlikely), please use the following config to create a derivative in order to get rid of my personal info (email, git identity, etc.)

FROM ler0ever/aosc-dbk:latest

# Add packages
RUN apt install \

# Override dotfiles
COPY vim/EverVim.vimrc $HOME/.EverVim.vimrc

# Override ab3cfg
COPY acbs/ /etc/autobuild/

# ...