Open Source Agreements, including LICENSE, Contributors License Agreements (CLA), Patent Grant notice.
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Open Source Agreements, including LICENSE, Contributors License Agreements (CLA), Patent Grant notice.


This repo contains most of the legal stuff I need for my open source projects.

Choice of License

For most of my current and future open source projects, Apache License 2.0 is most preferred. I will use Apache 2.0 and MIT dual license (like Rust) or BSD + Patent style license (like Go) for my future Go/Lumos/Rust projects. I will probably also choose MIT License or BSD family licenses for some special reasons. However, I will NEVER choose a license from GNU, such as GPL, AGPL, or LGPL, unless that project is really nothing but trash.

Patent Grant

The model of License + Patent Grants will be used to make sure that a project is strictly copyrighted by me or the company behind me, although the code is open. Usage of the code or binary is always granted unless patent infringement occurs.

See PATENTS for a template patent grant.

Contributor License Agreement

CLA is used to make sure proper copyrights are transferred from the contributors to me or the company behind me, so that changes could be made freely in the future.

See for more details.


Please see

To this project

The documents under this repo are not at all examined by a single lawyer. If you find any loopholes, please write privately to (:s/#/@/g), thanks.


The markdown formatted License files in this repository (namely,,, are from IQAndreas/markdown-licenses and are shared here under the terms of their original licenses.

The Contributor License Agreements in this repository are automatically generated by Contributor Agreements.

The Patent grant is taken from golang/go and all of google/go related text are replaced.

The website responsible for handling CLA signing is based on CLA-Assistant.

Unless otherwise noted, files under this project are open source under the terms of Apache License Version 2.0.