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About this server

This is my own Gitea instance running on a swarm/cluster of three Vultr servers, a desktop, and a laptop.
You should be visiting this using or, as they are the only two official address of my git hosting.
Server swarm status can be checked at and each individual server status is at port 19999.

Repository L.E.R Code GitLab Github
Mirror Links L.E.R Code Gitlab MS Github

My Projects

I have a lot more code than you think I do :)
Therefore this serves as a “link hub” to direct you to my other projects.

Currently I’m still busy migrating my projects one-by-one from Github/Gitlab to here. Below is an list of them that are already here.

Swarm-Manifests: Documentation and code to setup a swarm that powers my various web services including this one.

EverVim: A Modern, Powerful & Modular Vim Distribution

LER0ever/Space: My new website & blog (:// main site in the future)

Caffeinated-Enchilada: A highly optimized kernel based on blu_spark for OnePlus 6

Hackintosh: Drivers & DSDT Injection code for running macOS on PC (Hackintosh)

Presentations: Slides, code, documents for my presentations

dotfiles: Personal dotfiles backup. Unix Porn!

ImageGrid: 图像一键九宫格裁剪,用于发送QQ空间、微信、微博拼接大图

AOSC-DBK: Dockerized Buildkit for whatever

AOSC.vim: Vim plugin that makes whatever packaging life easier

Currently private projects

… that would certainly become open source after they are done

Hyve Framework: A cross-language event-based communication framework

Lumos: Guess what

ExpOS: Guess what

Horcrux: Guess what

Private for sure projects

Portus Engine: A powerful dynamic & static site engine in Go