My Presonal Build Script for AOSC OS abbs and Manjaro PKGBUILD
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My PKGBUILD script for Manjaro.


My Presonal Build Script for AOSC OS abbs
Packages labeled [MERGED] won’t be updated any more, i’ve already submitted them to upstream, please use official repo instead.


  • Linux Kernel Zen (march native)
  • Konsole with HiDPI fixes
  • Telegram-desktop-bin [DEPRECATED]

AOSC OS Packages

  • Konsole with HiDPI fixes
  • Sogou Pinyin Lib [MERGED]
  • OSDLyrics-fresh
  • Visual Studio Code Bin [DUPLICATES]
  • Netease-Musicbox[MERGED]
  • Python-Future [MERGED]
  • Python-BeautifulSoup(fix python3 issue) [MERGED]
  • Sublime
  • openmw [MERGED]
  • mygui [MERGED]
  • rustup (cannot compile due to rustc linker err)
  • skypeforlinux (Alpha)
  • gpick [NOT READY]
  • unshield
  • Synergy
  • neofetch
  • Min (browser)
  • Arandr [MERGED]
  • x11vnc [MERGED]
  • xrdp
  • luarocks
  • nitrogen [MERGED]
  • rxvt-unicode [MERGED]
  • ranger [MERGED]
  • rustfmt [MERGED]
  • racer [MERGED]
  • HydroDev
  • Lumos
  • Googler
  • Israfil
  • libinput (virtual package)